校友会的存在是为了服务和代表你作为摩特诺玛社区成员的经历,继续成为你生活中积极的一面. 我们提倡正在进行的, 摩特诺玛积极的社区,通过我们活跃的校友在他们居住的各个地区, 工作, 和服务, 我们将继续想方设法为你们的校友会员创造更多的价值. Made up of Multnomah alumni across our nation, 校友领导委员会, 工作ing with the 坚实可靠的大学 工作人员, continues to drive the vision for Multnomah, and we believe that the days ahead are bright.

所有摩特诺玛大学校友的投入和参与对我们努力的成功至关重要. We invite you to look for opportunities, 包括领导角色, 参与对你和你的家庭最重要的活动.



你的校友 好处

作为摩特诺玛的校友, 在与校园社区保持联系的同时,你可以享受各种福利和服务. It’s all part of our commitment to you.

•终身免费 图书馆 访问 (does not include online resources)
• Audit Multnomah classes for free through the Lifelong Learning program
• Free admission to our conferences, including the Christian Life Conference, 全球事工会议, 和其他人

成为会员 of Multnomah’s 校友会
• 订阅 to our monthly e-newsletter, the “坚实可靠的连接”
• Let us know if your address, phone number, or email address changes, or 更新信息 yourself so that we can stay in touch

Contribute to Multnomah by volunteering your time, 才能或资源,让别人从帮助你的天赋中受益.

• Join 校友领导委员会. For information on how to join, contact 校友 and Parent Relations at alumni@drf1697.com.
• Provide your unique input regarding our academic programs and activities. 我们会定期询问您对这些问题的看法,因为我们重视您的反馈
• Partner 与我们 through financial
•你也可以为摩特诺玛的家庭管理祷告,祝福我们, 教师, 工作人员, 和学生

We want to know what you are up to! 当你 分享你的故事 与我们, 你有机会让你的故事出现在我们的营销材料中, 这有助于告诉别人摩特诺玛是如何影响你的,并让你意识到你所热爱的事情. The main reason students attend MU is because of a graduate’s influence.



All MU graduates receive an 校友会 Membership card. Your first membership card is free.

如果您的卡丢失或被盗或您在2006年之前毕业,请提交一份 换卡申请. The replacement card fee is $5.


年度杰出校友奖是摩特诺玛大学授予校友的最高荣誉. 该奖项旨在表彰其一生忠实地以基督和摩特诺玛的使命为榜样,并以公认的专业成就为证明的校友, 个人性格, 完整性, and a strong commitment to the Lord.

Read more about our 2019 Alumnus of the Year, Alan Hotchkiss.

Two Adults on Stage in Chapel 校友

• Is a graduate who upholds the standards of 坚实可靠的大学

•因对社会做出建设性贡献而在同龄人中脱颖而出,表现出领导力, 责任, and expertise in their field of endeavor

• Is an individual with a demonstrated commitment to community involvement


•通过贡献时间表现出对摩特诺玛大学持续的兴趣和支持的毕业生, 人才, 和/或资源


•个人是 不合格的 如果他们是候选人, or currently hold any elected public office in the current calendar year

•如果被提名人是摩特诺玛校友领导委员会的成员,则该个人应 不合格 until at least one year after such membership has expired

提名可以在网上进行,也可以通过填写由校友部门提供的正式年度校友提名表格进行书面提名. 提名表格及任何证明材料应不迟于获提名人士上一年度的6月30日送交校友关系部.

除了这个表格, newspaper or magazine clippings, 网站地址, or other appropriate supporting materials may be submitted.

Nominations may be made by any of the following individuals or groups:
• Multnomah students, alumni, 教师, 工作人员, or friends
• Multnomah 校友会 Area 章
• Multnomah 校友 Leadership Council
• 校友 may self-nominate by completing the nomination form, providing supporting materials (if any), and providing two letters of support.

• President of 坚实可靠的大学
• Director of 校友 Relations
• Academic Dean of the College and Seminary Dean
• 校友 Leadership Council Members

*The decision of the awards committee is final. 年度校友奖每年在波特兰校区的校友颁奖典礼上颁发. A person may receive this award only once in his/her lifetime.


You may know someone who is deserving of this award and meets our criteria. We would love to hear about them. 请填写右侧的表格,提交您对下一年度杰出校友奖的提名.




摩特诺玛连接是为我们的校友和MU家庭创建的每月电子通讯. 每个版本的一些亮点可能包括一封来自校友主任的信, 校友聚光灯, 访问事件, 和更多的.




作为摩特诺摩大学的校友,您可以终身免费参加旁听课程. 欧宝娱乐官网,学习是一段持续的旅程,不会在获得学位后就结束. 继续与我们一起学习,在你经历生命的过程中,发现神为你预备的更多.




You may know someone who would benefit from attending Multnomah. Please fill out the form below, providing as much information as possible. 我们的招生办公室将很高兴与他们联系,了解成为MU大家庭一员的可能性.




聚会是与你在摩特诺玛时的朋友和同学重新联系的时候. 你们的聚会可能是某一年或某十年的同学聚会, or it could be an affinity reunion of friends from an athletic team, 学习课程, RA组, 等.

校友 may plan class or affinity reunions at any time. The 责任 of the planning, 组织, and running a reunion belongs to alumni themselves, but the 校友 Relations Office is here to assist you along the way.

分会将摩特诺玛带到一个位于共同地区的社区或校友网络. It is a fantastic opportunity to extend the MU family spirit beyond campus.

Planning a meaningful chapter requires two things:
• A common vision for what the chapter can be

The 责任 of the planning, 组织, and running a chapter is that of the alumni, but the 校友 Relations Office is here to assist you along the way.

Interested in 组织 a Reunion or connecting with our department?

联络我们: (503) 251-6458 or alumni@drf1697.comand we will be happy to give you further details and helpful guidelines.